NYC’s Metropolitan Museum & Hipster Asian Food Parts I & II

When my brother and I arrive at our Airbnb in Brooklyn, we immediately know it’s too far from the action. Still, after dropping our stuff off, we’re off to Manhattan for an early dinner. It takes a while to get there, about an hour on the subway. The ride sets the tone for how much … More NYC’s Metropolitan Museum & Hipster Asian Food Parts I & II

The Edge of Denver

I take the bus from Loveland, where my dad lives, to Denver. Today, before I meet up with my brother, who is flying in. Before I plan on eating some food and drinking assorted beverages. Tonight, I am accompanying him to the Propaghandi show, a punk band I am not familiar with. First things first, … More The Edge of Denver

Leaving Los Angeles

As my band Rare Form leaves Los Angeles and begins operating out of Ljubljana, I am reflective about the art scene here. There are truly some great people in Los Angeles, but the majority are real assholes. Overall the city drips with ego, self-importance, self-interest, and self-centered behavior. Some people go around thinking their art … More Leaving Los Angeles

Leaving America III: Dislodging from the Machine

As a working person in the United States, the tax dollars siphoned from my labor has been used mainly to bolster our military and kill people abroad, both innocent and guilty. Others uses of our tax dollars include bank bailouts and subsidies offered to financial institutions like Merrill Lynch in the former and Amazon in … More Leaving America III: Dislodging from the Machine

Leaving America

Though I have not yet left my country for Slovenia, I am already beginning to appreciate it more. It’s diversity, freedoms, and wide-open spaces I will miss. But, however, I will not long for the negative attributes of modern America, of which there are many, and the detrimental global impact of its legacy that I … More Leaving America