The Edge of Denver

I take the bus from Loveland, where my dad lives, to Denver. Today, before I meet up with my brother, who is flying in. Before I plan on eating some food and drinking assorted beverages. Tonight, I am accompanying him to the Propaghandi show, a punk band I am not familiar with.

First things first, I want curry. Not just any curry, though. Japanese curry. I find an authentic Japanese restaurant and dig in into some delicious katsu pork, curry sauce, and rice, extra spicy. I love it, and I am hard to please.

20180920_122058 (2).jpg
Japanese curry

Next it’s time to get caffeinated. Thump Coffee has what I want, and what I need. I order a delicious latte with an extra shot while reading, talking on the phone, and listening to music. I leave feeling jazzed.

latte at Thump

Now it’s time to move on to another beverage: beer. I will be drinking a lot of it over the next few days, but why begin slowly?

Trve Brewing is a place I have missed every time I come here. And entering the darkly-vibed tap room, I can’t come up with a good reason why. This is just my kind of place. Satantic art and imagery drapes the walls. The aesthetic in the tap room is spot on.

All of their beers are named after, or inspired by, metal. I order an IPA, a grissette, and the Sun O))) inspired Stout O))).

Inside the tap room.

Nicely buzzed, I buy a Bees Made Honey in the Lion’s Skull inspired beer with Colorado honey for later and leave to meet my brother.

Before the show, we try a local hole-in-the-wall in this suburban outskirt of Denver. The menu items of choice are Venezuelan empanadas and arepas. We order four different empanadas, which are huge. We try each other’s and go to the show with full bellies.

The show, although no longer my style, is fun and entertaining. It is great to see my brother enjoy a band so much. I have drinks and we drive back to the hotel tired, but in a good mood.

A few days later we are back in Denver, for another punk show. This time my brother quickly convinced me to go to a punk and craft beer festival. Beer being my thing, punk being his. Immediately as we enter the fest it is hilarious. We see a guy wearing a Screwdriver shirt, a neo-nazi punk band, and we are beside ourselves. The cups they give us for beer are shot glasses and you have to get back in line immediately to try enough beer. My brother fills up his for me because he doesn’t drink. Having two at a time, I managed to get ripped for free.


The show begins and we have a buffalo bratwurst that is totally delicious. A beer for me, free energy drinks for my brother, and we sit down to watch our first full band. The Interrupters are on, and they give me faith in ska once again. They are clean-cut and traditional, the kind that is fun and effortless. I genuinely enjoy their set, and it makes me think that all hope isn’t lost for the genre. Next up is Bad Religion, a band I used to likea lot but don’t care for much anymore.

They play some hits, and their record Suffer in its entirety. A younger me would have been thrilled, but I am cross-faded and still bored.

Still the experience was memorable. it is always interesting to dive into subcultures in different cities, and I thoroughly dove into the underground scene of Denver.

The Bees Made Honey In The Lion’s Skull. Great beer, great album.


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    1. Thailand, Singapore, and a number of other Asian countries aside from India have curry, so it’s far from a clash. Also the British Navy introduced it to the Japanese imperial navy, that’s how Japanese curry 🍛 is a national dish of Japan.

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