Leaving Los Angeles

As my band Rare Form leaves Los Angeles and begins operating out of Ljubljana, I am reflective about the art scene here. There are truly some great people in Los Angeles, but the majority are real assholes.

Overall the city drips with ego, self-importance, self-interest, and self-centered behavior. Some people go around thinking their art is enough to inconvenience others, ask for a guarantee on a DIY warehouse show where there are 20 people, and act like they are hot-shit when they are unknown. LA is a town with a fake-it-til-you-make-it attitude.

Yet the true believers are here. In the sound art scene, avant garde noise, drone, improvisation, free jazz, and experimental musicians are often wonderful people. They genuinely enjoy other people’s music, and playing together in a communal capacity. Good people are here working on great art in the city, but you have to cut through the bullshit.

After feeling disconnected from the music scenes I have been apart of until now, I fi, ally found awesome people in a city full of assholes. Now that I am leaving to continue working on music in Europe, I only hope that I return to the same music scene and the same people. To those of you I have connected with and played with, you know who you are, let’s continue our friendships and musical relationships alive–wherever we end up.

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