Leaving America

Though I have not yet left my country for Slovenia, I am already beginning to appreciate it more. It’s diversity, freedoms, and wide-open spaces I will miss. But, however, I will not long for the negative attributes of modern America, of which there are many, and the detrimental global impact of its legacy that I support with my tax dollars day-by-day.

Returning is nearly always the reason to leave. But for a little while I will only focus on departing. Here I begin a series of comprehensive, in-the-moment blogs as I travel this country on the way out of it. I will be around the West Coast touring with my band, and will be going to Colorado, where my dad lives, and New York City with my brother. Along the way I will mediate on leaving all that I love here, and all that I hate.

When these blogs are finished, I will be in Slovenia, a tiny, magical country nestled between Italy and Croatia, where the next leg of adventures will begin. A turning point for my life, travels, writing, and education, I will bring you along with me in these pages.

One thought on “Leaving America

  1. Leaving is always hard, but coming back after you’ve left is even harder. I wish you the best of luck in your travels and safe passage. Whatever the reason you’ve chosen to go — well done. Broadening your mind and opening your life to a new world is a brave brave thing to do. 🙂

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