TRIPHOBO Guest Blog: 5 Places to travel to Europe in 2018

Hi everyone! The travel company TripHobo has been kind to provide Our Little Blue Rock their top destinations in Europe for 2018. Hope this piece of recommendations help you finalize your travel destination this year. I have already covered some of them and planning to cover the rest soon. 

5 Places to travel to Europe in 2018

From the travel experts at TripHobo:

A lifetime of traveling would fall short if you don’t explore every nook and corner of Europe. Always on traveling lists, Europe is a destination that keeps pulling back wanderers year after year. Travel from one country to another and you will find a wide variety of cultures, languages, and history, beautifully weaved together to make one mesmerizing continent. Travelers undoubtedly find themselves baffled when they are asked to choose the best destinations worth visiting in Europe. So, here is a list of the 5 places to travel to Europe in 2018, which leaves you the inspiration to pack your bags and lace up your boots.

  1. Georgia
5 Places to travel to Europe in 2018-1
Georgian Lake, provided by TripHobo.

Picturesque landscapes, a favorable climate, and fewer crowds our tourist–Georgia is the unexplored townscape of Europe and a must-visit destination in 2018. Covered in a carpet of lush greenery, this is the perfect retreat to nestle in the lap of nature. The magnificent mountains here  beckon adventurers to come to the former Soviet Republic and trek them. Plan your vacation for this quaint country and get a taste of the European hospitality at its best.

2. Italy

IMG_1961 (2)
The Pantheon in Rome, taken by Our Little Blue Rock.

We wouldn’t  be doing justice to a European list without a mentioning Italy in it. Travel to any city in this historic country and you will find culture and heritage in abundance. The architectural achievements, the many museums, and the larger than life piazzas together showcase grandeur of the country. Be it Rome, Venice or Florence, you will be left spellbound after your visit to this historically rich country.

3. France

5 Places to travel to Europe in 2018-2
Photo of Marseille, provided by TripHobo

While this destination in Europe is seen as perfect for lovers from all over the world, France is beyond just a country of romance. You will find the essence of France by visiting its rural areas. Visit Marseille, the oldest city in France, and it will give you an insight into 1,500 years old history. And then there is Paris, perfect for the honeymooners and the fashionistas.

4. Turkey

Instanbul: ancient history in the foreground, modernity in the background.

On the edge of both Europe and the Middle East, Turkey is a place for the foodies. And while you are on a gastronomic journey, tasting the best Turkish cuisines, witness its history through the renowned ruins and monuments here. Rich in heritage, this country is also blessed with magnificent mountains and beautiful seashores to enjoy a laid back vacation.

5. Switzerland

IMG_1901 (2)
Above Interlaken, photo taken by Our Little Blue Rock.

This country is the right place to unleash the adventurer in you. Switzerland is a postcard-perfect mountain setting with breathtaking scenery and captivating architecture. During summers, when the landscapes are carpeted in greenery, you can go biking and trekking at a Swiss National Park, while in winter, skiing and snowmobiling are favorite activities. Visit Zurich and you will feel compelled to settle down in this vibrant city, which is culturally and historically rich.

Plan your vacation to any of these countries in Europe and your travels of 2018 will become a treasure of unforgettable memories.    

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