Beautiful View of Los Angeles City from a Height

Los Angeles – If you’re visiting Los Angeles, don’t miss spending time at the Griffith Observatory. From here, we can see the beautiful night view of the city full of colorful lights.

Griffith Observatory is located on the south-facing slope of Mount Hollywood in Los Angeles, Griffith Park. At the observatory, which was built in 1935, the public can see the stars through a telescope, and learn about astronomy, which is supported by advanced technology.

The Observatory was built with the donation of Scottish-American mining entrepreneur Griffith J. Griffith. In addition to the Observatory, there are parks and theaters which are also open to the public.

To enter the Observatory, there is no need to pay a fee because it is free for the public, all large and small telescopes provided are also free to use for visitors. We only need to pay if we are interested in watching films that are shown at the Samuel Oschin Planetarium and at the Leonard Nimoy Event Horizon Theater.

The Hall of the Sky is inside the building, making it easy for even small children to understand the process of day and night, the changing of seasons, and the phases of the moon. While the Eye Exhibit presents a diorama of the sky, and all the chemical elements in our nature.

But, you have to prepare a long time if you want to come to this place, especially in the summer during the holidays. detikHOT had come before sunset because the observatory area closed at 10:00 pm.

During the summer holidays, so many tourists come here to cause traffic jams for hours at a density towards the hills of up to two kilometers. Thousands of vehicles flock to this place. There are those who want to see the stars and learn about planets and space, to just see the view from the hillside.

Griffith Park also provides a place for those of you who like hiking. The beautiful view from the slopes of Griffith Park has been heard around the world.

Many Hollywood films are shot here, the latest one is ‘Terminator Genisys’ starring Arnold Schharzenegger. From a height, you can see the beautiful city of Los Angeles with lights burning all over the city, it’s like seeing a collection of fireflies shining beautifully to paint the night.


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